Under Your Skin

Review: Under Your Skin

By: Sabine Durrant

3/5 Stars



Gabby Mortimer had it all. The husband, the job, her life was cushy. All of this changes for Gabby when she is out for a run and comes across a dead body near her home. She is instantly horrified by the sight of the body and the idea that the killer is still out there.

It isn’t just this event that sparks change in Gabby’s life. It is when the police have a lead on the murder that Gabby or those around her did not see coming.

The way this story unfolds is full of twists and turns that you as the reader will not see coming.

When I read the synopsis of Under Your Skin, I was all in. And then I started reading the story and it wasn’t doing it for me. The plot was nice, and the ending had me sitting on the edge of my chair with my mouth wide open. But I found myself wishing that there was more, I felt like I had a lot on my plate but I was missing that one item of food that would set off the entire meal. (if that even makes sense).

I found it hard to connect to Gabby or the story in general so there were points where I checked out of the book. It says that if you like Gone Girl you will enjoy this book, but I personally feel like there was truly no comparison.

Until next time, until the next book

xX Jimalion