Three Dark Crowns

Review: Three Dark Crowns

By: Kendare Blake

4.5/5 Stars



3 sisters….One crown.

On the island of Fennbirn there are a set of triplets born to each generation. All three queens have an equal right to the crown. Each queen possesses their own magic. Mirabella, Katharine, and Arisnoe.

Mirabella is an elemental who has the ability to conjure up the worst storms and call fire. Katharine is a poisoner who can ingest the most lethal poison with no consequence. And then there is Arisnoe. She is a naturalist who is supposed to have the ability to make things bloom and control what they call her familiar which is an animal.

To take the crown the sisters have to fight to the death. And on their sixteenth birthday the fight starts.

I went into this just knowing that there was going to be a character death I would dread. But that is NOT what happened. The ending of this book just set the tone for the rest of the series and I am still NOT okay!!!

“I want revenge, and then I want my crown”

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I cannot wait to continue this series.

Until next time, until the next book.

xX Jimalion

They Both Die At The End

Review: They Both Die At The End

By: Adam Silvera

5/5 stars



The concept of this book is so cool. On your Death Day, you get a phone call letting you know that you are going to die. What a heavy reality to carry for your last hours on earth? I like the fact that the two main characters live these two completely different lives and in the end they not only become friends but they experience a connection deeper than that. One that could have formed into love if they had more time. I was kind of mad that they had to encounter so many obstacles on their last hours, but when I look back on the book as whole, those obstacles were needed.

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At the end of the book I knew by the title that something tragic was going to happen and my emotions were going to be all over the place. But I was not prepared! My heart was shattered and is still shattered in a million pieces and I am still NOT okay šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

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This was my first Adam Silvera read, and I was not disappointed!

Until next time, until the next book.

xX Jimalion

Whispers of The Dead

Review: Whispers of The Dead

By: Spencer Kope

4/5 stars



SOOOO LET ME TELL YOU!!!! Spencer Kope is such a mastermind! This book had the crime, and suspense that I love. The plot of this story was so interesting and different than Iā€™m use to reading. I gave the book 4/5 stars.

Steps is an FBI agent who has such a unique ability and that is to see the color of the aurora that individuals emanate. An ice cooler with human feet show up in a Federal Judges house. No one knows who they belong to, or what the motive could be. All Steps knows is that the killer has an ice blue aurora. They story then goes on and we follow the journey of the different scenes where more feet and no bodies start to pop up. Where is the killer? And what is his story? Once you find out you struggle with being empathic and down right disgusted by what a psychopath he is.

Until next time, until the next book.

xX Jimalion