Where the Crawdads Sing

Review: Where the Crawdads Sing

By: Delia Owens

5/5 Stars


From the very first page I was drawn into this book. I rooted for Kya because life just seemed to hand her the bad apples. Every chapter was addicting, which made it very hard for me to put down.

The summer of 1969, Chase Andrews is found dead. Automatically the town people blame Kya (the Marsh Girl) for his murder. With no evidence that puts her at the scene of the crime or a clear motive, Kya is arrested and put on trial. We are taken on a journey of Kya’s life as a young girl, and we see her grow as a woman and as a character. The town judges her because of the side of the marsh she lives on, and when Kya finds herself all alone she is forced to take care of herself.

As the truths of Chase and Kya are discovered the question that lingers is to what lengths will Kya go to protect her heart?

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and highly recommend you pick it up if you haven’t.

Until next time, until the next book.

xX Jimalion

Us Against You

Review: Us Against You

By: Fredrik Backman

5/5 Stars


“Because bears shit in the woods, and everyone else shits on Beartown.”

There are no words that can describe how much I loved this book! This sequel was everything I didn’t know I needed. I cried. I screamed. I cursed. And I laughed thorough these pages.

“Two drowning people with lead weights around their ankles may not be each other’s salvation; if they hold hands, they’ll just sink twice as fast. I’m the end the weight of carrying each other’s broken hearts become unbearable”

Beartown was brought to its knees in the first book. And in Us Against You, they experience an even bigger blow. We are taken on a journey on the triggers, actions, consequences and loss of this small town whose heart and soul is hockey.

Until next time, until the next book.

xX Jimalion

Daisy Jones & The Six

Review: Daisy Jones & The Six

By: Taylor Jenkins Reid

5/5 Stars



Okay. Okay. Okay. Y’all! I finished this a few days ago and I cannot stop thinking about it. I’ve been walking around trying to come up with my own band name…with no band members. But that’s besides the point. I blame my friend Kayla for picking this book up. I will admit that I was nervous because 1. It’s not my typical go to type of read. 2. I don’t usually like what others swear by. But I am so glad that I took the time and gave this book a try.

I decided to listen to the audio-book because I felt like I would enjoy it more and I hit a solid on that one. I found myself at work engulfed in this world that Taylor Jenkins Reid created and I wasn’t mad at that.

Daisy Jones & The Six hold such a special place in my heart. Set in the the 1960’s-1970’s, we experience multiple points of views as we enjoy this tell all book about the band. We learn how the band formed and we jump on the roller-coaster that is their ending.

One thing that I loved about this book was how Taylor Jenkins Reid explores addiction in such a way that was poetic.

I cannot gush enough good things about this book. If you haven’t read it, GO READ IT. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Until next time, until the next book.

xX Jimalion


Review: Elevation

By: Stephen King

2.5/5 Stars


“Everyone should have this, he thought, and perhaps, at the end, everyone does. Perhaps in their time of dying, everyone rises.”

Scott Carey suddenly starts to steadily losing weight. One of the oddest things about his affliction is that he weighs the same in his clothes as he does out of them. Not wanting to go to his regular doctor he turns to a friend who just happens to be a doctor, but most importantly someone he trusts…Doctor Bob Ellis.

This story is set in a small town of Castle Rock. I won’t go into much detail, but Scott is in an escalating battle of the neighbors with lesbian couple next door. Their dogs constantly mess in his yard and Scott has had enough of it. As you can imagine living in a small town with constant scrutiny, the couple are starting a restaurant no one wants to support because of their sexuality. Scott sees the prejudice against the couple and seeks out to make a difference. This story soon becomes a story about how Scott and his affliction brings one town together despite differences.

This story had a wonderful message, but I found myself not engaging with the book at all. I love Stephen King, but this was definitely not one of my favorites.

Until next time, until the next book

xX Jimalion