One Day In December

Review: One Day In December

Author: Josie Silver

Stars: 4/5


“You tread lightly through life, but you leave deep footprints that are hard for other people to fill.”

Guyssss! I do not know when I became the person that just fell apart while reading romance novels. But here we are and I’m just going to ride this wave. I kept seeing this book floating around the gram and then it was the book club choice I’m apart of. And at first I was like nah…I’m not going to get my emotions invested in this because we all know how the story is going to end. But LISTEN! I got invested and I can NOT undo it. If you need to find me, I will be over here in my feelings.

A little back story: Girl meets guy. They go they separate ways. Girl spends over a year looking for said guy. Best friend of girl meets a guy, introduces girl to now boyfriend who turns out to be the guy girl met a year ago. Guy and girl then spend years denying the attraction and it’s a roller-coaster! I loved it so much!

“There comes a point where you have to make the choice to be happy, because being sad for too long is exhausting.”


Until next time, Until the next book.


xX, Jimalion

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